Mini Militia 4.0.42 Mod With Unlimited Nitro+ Ammo+Onehit kill

So today we were discussing about the game called Mini militia latest version mod

basically mini militia game is based on LAN Wi-Fi and online game where multiple player fight with each other.

all the player fight with each other and hit the highest score the highest scorer will win the match and get a reward

-Added connection quality "PING" indicator in lobby and scoreboard (see who's lagging)
-Flamethrower added to CTF maps
-New spawn points added to CTF maps
-Added new store item (starting weapon)
-Added large screen support
-Added alerts when Google call fails to load stats
-Reduce CTF flag de-spawn rate
-Removed G+ Multiplayer play
-Added prompt to save control layout to profile
-Fix getting stuck when booting
-Fix game not ending when booted
-Fixed more bugs...


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